“Ishma Alvi – The Female Face”  8 – 22 February

Ishma Alvi works in pen and ink, and charcoal and water. Using line work, she creates light and shadow across the planes of the female.

That is her subject; those features of the female ‘neck-up’, which have been linked directly with gender, femininity and sexuality- the eyes, lips and the neck.

The exaggerated neck: a tree-trunk or swan-like, the stem of a flower or an attenuated limb, is focal. This exaggeration encourages a shift in how a woman’s neck is seen; not only sensual but reflective of strength, will and consensual vulnerability.

Ishma is on https://www.instagram.com/form_face/

Ishma also writes on feminism, race and religion. She has contributed to Sami Shah’s ‘The Islamic Republic of Australia’ and you can read more athttps://medium.com/@ishmaalvi.


“Unused, untried, unwanted” Jan 19 – Feb 19 

‘Unused, Untried, Unwanted’ – a group exhibition of 7 amazing illustrators, filling our upstairs and downstairs gallery. Prints and some original works on sale.









“Cassandra King – Recent Works” 7 Dec – 20 Dec

We are excited to have the beautiful works of Cassandra King on the walls from 7th December from 7pm down 20th December

“Her methods to create artwork can vary from traditional painting to digital rendering but mostly, her works are created by using thread, aged paper and painted scraps of fabric. This exploration of texture, pattern and the combination of various mediums is often her inspiration for making work. The works on display in this exhibition were all created this year, following a general theme of exploring the body’s movement while building objects and contemplating structures. What the objects and structures are is left open to interpretation by the viewer. The focus of the works is on the action the figures are participating in – the creating, making and building.”


“Palette and Lens” Angela Molluso and Marty Matuszewski 24th Nov – 14th Dec

Join us at Lulu Cafe & Gallery for the Palette & Lens exhibition – a collaboration between Angelina Molluso, the painter, and Marty Matuszewski, the photography.


“Conversations between Transience and Light” 17 Nov – 29 Nov

Three artists from different art practice collaborate on a project, exploring and highlighting the beauty of light. Whether thats man made or artificial, each artist explores the forgotten and often ignored beauty of shadows and light play in our every day lives. Vikky Orfanos, Dion Camilleri and Alisa Sue Mei Kah, experiment using photography, video and sound to create an installed work which will immerse the viewer into the sublime of everyday light.

Trevor Stevens – “Impressions” 11 Nov – 24 Nov

Trevors work has been such a hit in our cafe gallery – he managed to sell two works the moment the doors opened after the paintings were hung!

The work will grace our walls until early December – so feel free to pop in and see what all the fuss is about!

Peter Caddy – “The french curve” 8 Oct – 15 Oct

We were lucky enough to have Peter Caddy show his latest works at Lulu Cafe and Gallery. The opening was a huge success, with lots of red stickers and happy purchasers filling the Lulu Cafe and Gallery space. “The French Curve” will be closing this Sunday, so be sure to make it in before Peter heads back to France to conceive his next collection. It’s been a pleasure!


Ancestors and Anecdotes

We are thrilled to be hosting the AusDance Victoria “Ancestors and Anecdotes” exhibition opening 21st September 2017 @ 6pm until September 30th.

“Opening concurrently with the Australian Dance Awards is Ancestors and Anecdotes, 40 years of Australian Contemporary Dance, an exhibition that pays homage to the invaluable work of Australia’s dance pioneers and the manner in which their legacy endures today. Opening 21 September at Lulu Gallery in North Melbourne, the exhibition is focused on five legendary dance pioneers, Carole Johnson, Cheryl Stock AM, Margaret Lasica (via the perspective of her daughter Shelley), Shirley McKechnie AM and Elizabeth Cameron Dalman OAM.”


 An introduction to the artwork of the Austrian prodigy and Expressionist painter,

Egon Schiele (b.1890 – d.1918).

 For the first time in Australia, Lulu Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of reproduction lithographs of Egon Schiele’s artwork. These lithographs have been produced in Paris in the last few years, using original techniques, on an actual 1910 litho-press. France Art Diffusion has produced these lithographs in limited addition, under licence from private collections and several major museums, including the Leopold Museum in Vienna.

Opening Night – Thursday, July 27th 2017 from 6pm.

Exhibition continues to Sunday September 10th 2017

Gallery open Wednesday to Sundays 9am to 4pm

All Lithographs are for sale.



June 15th to July 2nd 2017.

SkyPixel 2017 Drone Photography Competition Winners

Opening Night Thursday June 15th from 6pm – 10pm.

Exhibition continues to Sunday July 2nd.

With its raw, natural beauty — from vast arid outback landscapes to dramatic coastline cliffs, lush rainforests, and tropical mangroves — Australia is the perfect country to explore through aerial photography. In its first ever country-specific contest, SkyPixel is calling all photographers residing in or visiting Australia to submit your best aerial shots of the breathtaking land down under. Whether it’s a snapshot of the country’s diverse wildlife, landscapes or a moment capturing real Aussie spirit and culture, SkyPixel wants you to snap it and share it!

June 1st  – June 4th 2017

Mujeres y Vida (Women and Life)

Opening Night Thursday June 1st from 6pm – 11pm. Then Friday June 2nd & Saturday  June 3rd (8am to 11pm) & Sunday June 4th (8am to 5pm).

This exhibition, Mujeres y Vida (Women and Life), is based around artwork from the 2016 “Mujeres Exhibitions” organized by the artistic collective, Lucca Underground Movement (LUM) in Lucca, Tuscany, Italy.

LUM have provided three types of artworks for this current exhibition at Lulu Gallery – the photographs, the video and the drawing – and all are inspired by the life and art of Frida Kahlo. Although originally a little known, Mexican artist, over the last 30 years Frida Kahlo has become something of a popular saint. Women in particular have taken to her life story —the near-fatal bus crash that shattered her teenage body and gave her life-long pain and made motherhood impossible; her taking- up of painting while recovering from her injuries; her tumultuous marriage and her numerous affairs, with both women and men — as one of inspiration in overcoming life’s hardships, disappointments and setbacks.

Also showcasing in the exhibition are the inspired plant and floral installations of  Elsa Thorp and a workshop of Foldenmove(TM) – a combination of Physical Movement disciplines with the Art making process, to unfold and explore the Human Potential Development- with Jessica Gabrielli at 2pm on Sunday . Contact us for details!

May 4th – 26th

Vietnamese Here: Contemporary Art and Reflections.

Come and join us for the launch of the art and literature exhibition,

History and Memory offer a space of play and wonder for artists in diaspora. Vietnamese Here exhibits the contemporary works of four visual artists as well as playwrights and authors of Vietnamese heritage in Australia.

Displaying artists: Phuong Thai Hoang Ngo, Hoang Tran Nguyen, Naomi Ngo, and Dominic Golding. With readings from Hoa Pham, Dominic Golding, and Chi Vu.

Co-curated by Anh Nguyen and Nadia Rhook.

The exhibition is free* on display May 4th – 26th during Lulu Cafe & Gallery opening hours.

For more information contact: Anh on  postbard@gmail.com

*Thanks to the support and contributions of artist works, Joy Damousi – ARC Kathleen Fitzpatrick fellowship, Nadia Rhook from La Trobe University, and Matilda Mcconnell for her marketing and promotions

April 27th 2017 – April 30th 2017


Opening Night Thursday April 27th 6.30 – 8.30pm

Stephen Booth, an Australian painter who lived in Rome for nine years, has now returned to Melbourne.

Since the end of the 1990s his style has evolved from bold, graphic botanicals to the romanticism of Italy, depicted through objects out of context based on arabesque and oriental motifs as well as religious icons.

His last exhibition, Serenissima, further explored this concept but with a Venetian theme. Realisations brings together his passion for food and design, depicted in intricate plates displaying comestibles, along with his surreal interpretations of food, Italian architecture and landscapes.

March 31st 2017 – April 1st 2017

Shit Gardens of Melbourne

“A Celebration not a Condemnation”

An exhibition of contemporary photographs by Bede Brennan and James Hull

Opening Night Friday March 31st at 6pm

Pop-Up Bar and Exhibition with proceeds going to the ASRC

Feeling bored or uninspired by the Melbourne Flower & Garden Show ? Why not come to the  Shit Gardens of Melbourne exhibition

Shitgardens is both an ode to the limitations of urban landscaping, and a great example of an inside-joke that got a little out of hand. After proliferating on Instagram, the team behind Shitgardens felt that it was time to take things to the next level, by exhibiting a collection of original works at Lulu Gallery in 2016. And now, due to popular demand, the boys are back with a new 2017 exhibition, coinciding with the Melbourne Garden Show.  Although the concept originated with the boys peeping over front fences in Melbourne’s inner north, Bede & James have known each other since childhood, growing up together in the bucolic ‘tree-changers’ town of Bellingen, northern NSW.

Come join them as they bring the paradoxical wilderness of modern suburbia to Lulu’s Gallery.

March 18th Saturday 11am then 2 to 3pm

Melbourne Urban Sketchers meetup at 11am, before heading off to sketch one or more of the many heritage buildings, the back lanes, cafes or whatever takes your fancy in North Melbourne. Head back to Cafe Lulu at 2pm to share your sketches with the group and exhibit them for the prize of a bottle of wine to the best judged sketch!


March 23rd 2017 -6pm

Meet & Greet for Stephane Bowers – Sketching Workshop



March 2nd – March 5th 2017

Art Fix is back for an event in Melbourne!

Our first exhibition in Australia will explore the theme of “traveling home”. The show will represent how these two ideas are highly contrasted but also connected.


November 2016 to February 2017

An Exhibition of Japanese woodblock prints – Ukiyo-e

“Japonisme and its influence on Impressionism”

Opening Night – November, Thursday the 17th from 6pm – All Welcome – Galleries 1 & 2.

Exhibition runs daily from November 17th 2016 to February 26th, from 11am till late. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

Join us for an educational and historical tour of this fascinating Japanese art form, “Ukiyo-e” – “Pictures of the Floating World”. As these beautiful, woodblock prints flooded the art scene in mid-to-late 19th century Europe, they had a very strong influence on, but also served as a validation for, the artistic ideas that were developing into Impressionism. Manet, Monet, Degas, van Gogh and many others, all sought inspiration from these prints and indeed found justifications for the way the Impressionists were beginning to see Nature and the world around them.

Highlights of this exhibition include many original Ukiyo-e from the great Artists, Hiroshige, Eisen (including a version of his Uchikake Concubine of 1830), Utamaro and Hokusai , as well as original European etchings of Degas, Whistler, Guillaumin, Bracquemond, Gachet, et al, juxtaposed against each other and modern Impressionist prints, that illustrate the influence of Japonisme on the development of Impressionism.

Also on display is an original Paris Illustre magazine of May 1886, that was showcasing Eisen’s work, and from which van Gogh traced the outline of Eisen’s Uchikake Concubine, that then formed the basis of van Gogh’s painting, “Courtesan (after Eisen) -1887”. It’s probably not the exact copy of the magazine that van Gogh handled… but then it’s nice to think that it might be!!

If you are new to Ukiyo-e, you will be greatly impressed by the beauty and skill of this artform, way ahead as it was, in many ways, of its contemporary European art. And for enthusiasts of Ukiyo-e, we have put together a “story” illustrating the impact of these wonderful Japanese prints on the art world as it was developing in Europe, particularly in Paris in the 1860’s to the 1890’s.

A number of interesting Ukiyo-e prints will also be available for sale.

October 2016

October 13th Thursday to Sunday 16th – Photographic Exhibition – Gallery 1

“Cafes of Melbourne – Photos from the iPhone 4 of David Deroach”

Join us for a quirky tour of Melbourne’s cafes, as viewed from the rim of a coffee cup!!

David’s photographs – all large, monochrome prints from an iPhone4 –  convey the essence of having a coffee in Melbourne –  a moments time to stop, sit and observe – just oneself and ones particular blend.

David also captures those fleeting moments and juxtapositions that make a simple scene suddenly much more interesting and worth a deeper look.

So, whether your style is to be in a cafe in a grungy bolt-hole, an elegant arcade or on the footpath amidst the serious pedestrians and traffic, and at the mercy of our bloody weather(!), we hope you enjoy this photographic tour from the rim of a coffee cup in the world’s coffee capital, Melbourne.

September – October 2016

Shit – Gardens of Melbourne – A Celebration not a Condemnation

A Photographic journey around some of Melbourne’s “best” suburban gardens.

 July –October 2016

Prelude of J.A.G.Iroha – The Art of Movement
‘Meet me where it all started’

Painting and Charcoal works* by Jessica Gabrielli
at Lulu Cafe & Gallery on the 27th of July 2016
“It is about understanding movement as a powerful tool of transformation; both in terms of physical practice and as an art form.” Jessica Gabrielli

Come and join us at the café to celebrate Jessica’s 1st exhibition in Melbourne, with a body of work including oils paintings and charcoals that revisist some of the artist’s earliest oil paintings, charcoal drawings and visual records dvelved into capturing the unspoken power, the strength and the beauty that exudes from of bodies in motion.

Making her debut in Melbourne in the fields of Strength & Conditioning and Holistic Health two years ago, Jessica has remained true to her creative callings nurtured by her peers to sustain and consolidate the hybrid spetrcum of her arising profession.

Bridging the gap between Holistic Conditioning and Art making, Jessica believes in adopting an integral approach to health and peak performance, by finding the right alignment between mind, body and soul.

Based on her enduring fascination for Human Movement. She is dedicated develop collective experiences that cultivate an unadulterated understanding of Human Movement Potential and creating ventures into rediscovering its possibilities in the context of our prevailing world.

* All works are acquirable.

June – July 2016

Living and Loving Athens

A fascinating exhibition of over 100 photographs by the Greek photographer Vagellis Poulis, that portrays contemporary life in Athens, where one can see and feel the collision of the new against the ancient; where people use all their faculties as human beings to cope with the daily grind of life, making their living and doing their routine duties, all against the backdrop of “The Crisis”. But then, at the end of each day of combat, Vagelis shows us how Athenians counter-balance Living with a Love of conversation, friendship, merriment, culture, ritual, study, quiet reflection, the family, the beach, art, music and dance.