Lulu Café and Gallery is a stylish cafe in North Melbourne, which caters for patrons looking for somewhere relaxing and calming, but also interesting, for coffee and innovative food from our Chef’s All Day Menu.

Urban Dweller Projects are creators of the artistic space at Lulu’s Gallery. Throughout the year, a succession of projects including photographic and art exhibitions, music, dance and theatre installations and performances will occur.

Gallery space and function rooms are also available for free, or a low cost, to artists, book-launchers, work-shoppers and clubs.

There are several, flexible spaces available for exhibitions including, two galleries of 6x4m (12m x 3m wall-space) and 4x4m (14m x 2.5m wall-space), a 4x4m dark lounge (6m x 3m wall-space), 6x9m cafe area (9m x 3m wall-space), large rear courtyard, as well as a night-time, street-view screen.

Contact us for details.